We travel to: most of Fairfax county, Occoquan (in Prince William county), & the cities/towns of: Fairfax, Alexandria, Falls Church, Clifton, & Vienna.  To find out if your home is in our travel zone, please call our office for details.    

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  >Preventive Health Care
  • Physical examinations, Consultations, Behavioural counseling, and Follow-up care 
  • Vaccinations
  • Screening for internal and external parasites
  • Geriatric management & Kitten care programs 
  • Weight & Nutritional management programs
  • Chronic disease management programs
  • Blood pressure screening
 >Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Feline Leukemia & Immunodeficiency virus testing
  • Blood health profiles, complete blood cell counts, stool checks, cytology, complete urinalysis, and thyroid disease screenings
  • Ringworm testing
  • Cultures & sensitivities
 >Other services
  • Microchip Permanent Identification Implantation
  • Pharmacy services (online)
  • End of life counseling, and euthanasia services

 We do NOT see/care for emergencies. For cats requiring: radiology/imaging, dentistry, surgical procedures, urgent care, hospitalization, or extensive care, these can NOT be done in home, but in cooperation with other referral practices. During times when we are unable to see patients, we will refer them to another cat friendly practice or referral facility in your area for their care.

Emergencies  MUST be handled in an urgent care facility.  We suggest:       The Hope Center   Vienna   703-281-5121
                            VCA South Paws      Merrifield    703-752-9100
Regional Veterinary Referral Center  Springfield  703-451-8900

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