Dr. Mardi Vargofcak-Apker  a 1991 graduate of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech.  As a member of:  American Association of Feline Practitioners, Cornell Feline Health Center, American Veterinary Medical Association, Virginia Veterinary Medical Association, and the D C Academy of Veterinary Medicine, she attends several continuing education conferences about feline medicine each year.  Her passion is educating people about cats and cat behaviour, and, therefore, has given numerous educational presentations to schools, and service organizations about cats.
Information shared on this website is not collected or shared with ANY third party vendors or internet businesses.  Information is never disclosed to outside parties from us, this website or our hosting company (Intuit/Homestead).  We recognize and respect the importance of protecting personal privacy of our clients, patients and visitors to our website.  We follow guidelines in our practice to protect you and your cat's privacy.  At NO time is ANY information given out about patients or clients without prior consent.
Why schedule a house-call?
 House-calls are an intelligent alternative offering:
  • personalized service & convenience
  • home veterinary care is LESS STRESSFUL for most cats. 
 Cats are examined with every effort to ensure low-stress, comfort & safety. Home visits are an important tool to evaluate not only the cat, but the cat's relationship with other members of the family (pets & people), and their surrounding environment. Home visits offer many valuable clues to behavioural and medical problems.

 The nature of house-call practice does limit what can legally be done IN HOME. Every effort is made to provide clients and patients with FULL SERVICE. We work cooperatively with area specialists such as: internists, cardiologists, oncologists, surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists, and emergency hospitals to provide COMPLETE care for our patients.

 Every effort is made to accommodate patients into our schedule promptly, but unfortunately, at times we have a wait list for certain days/times. We enforce our cancellation policy*. We require >24 hours notice of cancellation to avoid cancellation fees.

 We have been providing house-calls to cats and their people in Northern Virginia since 1995.